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We are proud of having years of experience and expertise in pain treatment and spinal surgery. Therefore we aim to share our expertise with the public to prevent pain,spinal injuries and diseases.


Our top-level doctors share their knowledge and insights based on their professional experience.

Bronius Špakauskas
Bronius ŠpakauskasNeurosurgeon
A top-notch neurosurgeon. During his 40 years of practice, he has performed more than 10,000 spinal surgeries and provided more than 100,000 consultations.
Deividas Stukas
Deividas StukasNeurosurgeon
A neurosurgeon who performs spinal surgeries that require the utmost care and concentration.
Aida Kinderytė
Aida KinderytėPain doctor
Top-class pain doctor, lecturer and speaker with extensive international pain treatment practice.
Asta Mažeikaitė
Asta MažeikaitėPain doctor
Pain doctor, lecturer and speaker with extensive pain treatment practice.
Laura Šalčiūnaitė - Nikonovė
Laura Šalčiūnaitė - NikonovėMedical psychologist
Scientist, researcher, who is interested in psychological strategies to improve pain control. Speaker at various conferences.
Gediminas Banevičius
Gediminas BanevičiusAnesthesiologist
Top-notch physician anesthesiologist, lecturer and innovator, who participates in the most complex neurosurgical operations.


These are the areas of expertise and competencies that we seek to share with the general public.



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