Pain Treantment and
Spine Surgery
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Clinic “AGATAS”

With the most advanced pain treatment methods we will help you overcome the pain.

The true causes of pain can be determined if the symptoms and the diagnosis are named in an accurate and timely manner. This is the first step towards effective pain treatment.

Forget the sleepless nights burdened with pain and days full of irritation and depressed mood. After all, all this affects not only your ability to work, but also often has a great negative impact on the beloved ones.

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We advise seeking help from pain physician or neurosurgeon if…
You have been injured and as a consequence, you began to experience an acute and severe pain.

You experience persistent and growing back pain.

Due to a perceptible back pain you cannot stand for a long time.

Pain interrupts normal movement and performance of various tasks.

Pain spreads down to one or both legs.

You feel numbness in legs, feet, groin or in the area of the buttocks.

Suddenly you cannot control urination or bowel movement.

You experience relentless pain in your back.

Due to the back pain you cannot sleep well at night.

You have osteoporosis, an oncological illness and other chronic bone and support system diseases.

You experience anxiety due to unusual sensations in the back and waist areas, etc.