Every day each of us face the negative impact of various kinds of pain. We realize that those who live with pain become hostages to suffering.

We believe that by being able to free a person from pain, we contribute at least a small part to the restored hope of living a full life.


Bronius Špakauskas
Bronius ŠpakauskasNeurosurgeon
Asta Mažeikaitė
Asta MažeikaitėPain doctor
Aida Kinderytė
Aida KinderytėPain doctor
Deividas Stukas
Deividas StukasNeurosurgeon
Mindaugas Vaišvilas
Mindaugas VaišvilasNeurosurgeon
Marijus Leketas
Marijus LeketasMaxillofacial surgeon
Laima Špakauskienė
Laima ŠpakauskienėNeurologist
Gediminas Banevičius
Gediminas BanevičiusAnesthesiologist
Rūta Petereit
Rūta PetereitDietology physician, psychotherapist
Kristina Cirulienė
Kristina CirulienėRheumatologist
Rima Vidmantė
Rima VidmantėDoctor psychiatrist
Laura Šalčiūnaitė - Nikonovė
Laura Šalčiūnaitė - NikonovėMedical psychologist
Petras Mikučionis
Petras MikučionisPhysiotherapist
Paulius Jacikas
Paulius JacikasKinesitherapist-massage therapist
Vilmantė Rapkevičienė
Vilmantė RapkevičienėMasseuse
Giedrė Knispelytė
Giedrė KnispelytėKinesitherapist
Vytenis Tamašauskas
Vytenis TamašauskasErgotherapist
Loreta Ažubalienė
Loreta AžubalienėAnesthesia and intensive care nurse
Edita Sudarienė
Edita SudarienėAnesthesia and intensive care nurse


Irma Kvedarienė
Irma KvedarienėHead of the clinic
Dagnė Sapiegienė
Dagnė SapiegienėPersonnel Manager


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