The nerve system is one of the most complex systems in the human body. When the true cause of the pain cannot be easily found, it is advisable to consult a neurologist who will help you break the deadlock. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor not only about your physical but also the emotional changes you are experiencing. The consultation process consists of a four-step plan.

History of pain

Give your doctor full information about your illness. Try to remember the beginning of the pain and describe the circumstances in which the pain occurred. Is your pain related to movement, or does it get worse while sitting?

Description of pain

First, try to localize the pain and name the change in localization over time. Then discuss with your neurologist the rate, duration, progression, attenuation, and surge of pain.

Factors provoking pain

Name the direct factors that provoke pain. Also, share the factors that reduce your pain so your doctor can choose the right pain treatment.

History of treatment

Tell your doctor about your pre-visit pain treatment. Name what medications you have taken so far, or have you used other methods to treat your pain, such as physiotherapy? Maybe you had surgery?


Laima Špakauskienė
Laima ŠpakauskienėNeurologist


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