Marijus Leketas

Maxillofacial surgeon


  • The doctor specializes in the pathology of the jaw joint.


Professional maxillofacial surgeon Marijus Leketas gained his experience while working in dentistry
in the field, accumulating theoretical knowledge in international seminars and conferences, participating
in biomedical research.
in 2009 He obtained the qualification of a dentist at the Kaunas Medical University.
in 2012 He obtained the qualification of an oral surgeon at the Kaunas Medical University.
in 2017 PhD thesis defended "Relation between stomatognathic system parafunctions and facial injuries
with craniomandibular pathology results of the study"
in 2018 graduated from LSMU Faculty of Medicine, 2018 qualified as a maxillofacial surgeon.

in 2015 Internship at Karolinska University Hospital, facial and maxillofacial surgery clinic.
Stockholm, Sweden.
in 2014 Internship at Karolinska University Hospital, facial and maxillofacial surgery clinic.
Stockholm, Sweden.
in 2013 Internship at Ryhov Hospital, clinic of oral, facial and maxillofacial surgery. Sweden.

"Efficacy Study of Mouthwash DC071 (0.2% Chlorhexidine Bigluconate) in
care before and after surgical treatment to prevent alveolar osteitis after the third molar
Start 04 2015, end 03 2016

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1. Leketas, Marijus; Bojarskas, Stasys; Kubilius, Ričardas. Parafunctions of the stomatognathic
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1. Surgery of the midface. Skopje
2. Congress of Baltic association for maxillofacial and plastic surgery. in 2013 Kaunas
3. The most important prosthetic aspects of Ankylos dental implants. Theory and practice. Kaunas
4. Ankylos system course. in 2014 Bologna
5. Workshop ARCUS digma. 2014. Berlin
6. XXII congress of the European association for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. in 2014 Prague

7. 1st Baltic implantology symposium. in 2014 Riga
8. TMJ arthroscopy course. 2015m. Greifsvaldas
9. Concept, indications and handling of Ankylos implant system. 2016m. Hanau
10. O.R.G. arthroscopic and open temporomandibular joint surgery – basics and new horizons –
lectures and hands-on human cadaver course. 2016m. Viena
11. 23rd Congress of European association for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. in 2016 London
12. VIP meeting Baltics Ankylos implant system. in 2017 Landsberg
13. Diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorders: training, calibration and reliability
assessment. 2018m. Malmo
14. MegaGen Korea tour seminar. 2018m. Seoul.


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