If treatment with medications or invasive pain treatment methods are not effective and an obvious improvement is not seen in the course of treatment, the surgery is suggested..

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Surgeries are necessary if leg muscles are developing paralysis – with a “foot drop”, there is a risk of irreversible damage to the nerves. When paralysis of the bladder or rectum sphincter (disruption of urination and bowel movement) occurs, surgery should be performed immediately.

The purpose of the surgery is to remove the damaged part of the intervertebral disc, at the same time freeing the compressed nerve root or their fiber, restoring the blood flow, reducing the swelling, which caused the clinical symptoms.

The choice of the surgical treatment method, the size of the incision and the extent of the surgery are determined by the patient’s age, psychological status, complexity, duration of the disease, size of lesions, special research data and other factors. Before surgery, this will be explained to you in detail by the operating surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate all the positive and negative aspects of the treatment and present them to you.