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Pain Physician anaesthologist at Clinic AGATAS Asta Zavackienė consults patiens with chronic or acute pain of the back or other areas of the body. We also invite you to register for a consultation if you or your relatives are exposed to pain from oncological diseases.


Patient’s complaints and a history of the disease are heard during the Pain physician’s consultation, the patient’s examination is performed, the research data are analyzed. Possible causes of pain are identified. After discussing with the  patient, the physician forms an individual treatment plan.  During the repeated consultation the effectiveness of the treatment is reviewed.

Our neurosurgeons consult on backbone and spinal cord diseases, backbone traumas and spinal cord injuries, backbone and spinal cord tumors.


During the consultation, doctors will evaluate patient’s condition, discuss different options with him/her, and choose the best treatment option.

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The nervous system is one of the most complex systems in the human body. It may be very difficult to determine the source of chronic pain and in such a situation, it is advisable to contact a neurologist.


During the consultation you will discuss with the neurologist:


Anamnesis. Give your doctor all the information about your illness. Try to remember the beginning of the pain and describe the circumstances in which the pain occurred.


A sensation of the pain. First, try to localize the pain and name the change of pain localization over time.


What factors are more likely to provoke the pain: direct – situation or motion, or indirect – stress, emotions or depression.


The treatment you have already taken for pain.

The physiotherapist uses diagnostic examination, orthopedic, neurological, neurodynamic tests, muscle testing, and motion control diagnostics during the consultation.


After the diagnostic tests are performed an individual treatment plan is drawn up.

Clinic AGATAS, physiotherapy, chronic pain
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Doctor of Medical Science consults on various nutrition issues when suffering from chronic (spine, joints) pain, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obesity, nutritional deficiency, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, before and after various operations.


The doctor together with the patient identifies the purpose of the visit during the consultation and the expectations of the prospective treatment is determined as well. Such factors as the history of illness, age, weight, and others are evaluated.  Expectations, possibilities, goals are also considered and the treatment plan for further actions is formed with individual nutrition recommendations on the basis of all the gathered information.

Consultations may be provided on an urgent basis upon request.