We understand the negative impact of pain on leading a full life. To keep your pain from becoming a constant companion to your daily activities, we invite you to consult our pain physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, dietitians and physical therapists on the chronic and acute back pain, musculoskeletal pain, backbone and spinal cord diseases, backbone traumas and spinal cord injuries, backbone and spinal cord tumors. During the consultation, doctors will evaluate your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment.

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We provide these treatments:
Treatment with medications;

Trigger point injections;

Facet Joint Block;

Epidural Steroid Injections;

Selective nerve root block;

Neurosurgical spine surgeries;

Physiotherapy and manual therapy;

Treatment for chronic neurological disorders;


Dietitian consultations

If necessary, procedures are performed with guidance of diagnostic ultrasound or mobile X-ray with C arc devices.

We also consult on the treatments of other body parts and oncologic pain.


We will gladly help you arrange arrival and accommodation. You can choose to stay at our comfortably arranged and well- equipped rooms at the clinic. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality healthcare in a friendly, efficient manner.