Pain  treatment

Pain physician consultation
75 EUR
Repeated pain physician consultation
40 EUR
Urgent pain physician consultation
150 EUR
Injection to pain points (trigger points)
from 80 EUR
Invasive procedures with ultrasound 
from 160 EUR
Drug dispensing with an automatic injector 
from 60 EUR
Epidural block 
from 200 EUR
Invasive procedures with  X-ray guidance
from 350 EUR
Invasive procedures with X-ray guidance under anesthesia 
from 450 EUR


Neurosurgeon consultation 
75 EUR
Repeated neurosurgeon consultation 
40 EUR
Urgent neurosurgeon consultation 
150 EUR
Microdiscectomy surgery
from 3000 EUR
from 2400 EUR
Disk surgery
from 3000 EUR
Peripheral nerve surgery
from 350 EUR


Neurologist consultation
75 EUR
Repeated neurologist consultation 
40 EUR
Urgent neurologist consultation 
150 EUR


Dietitian consultation
75 EUR
Repeated dietitian consultation 
40 EUR
Urgent dietitian consultation 
150 EUR


Physiotherapist consultation
50 EUR
Repeated physiotherapist consultation 
30 EUR
Urgent consultation
80 EUR
Physiotherapy session * 
40 EUR

* During the physiotherapy session active (individual therapeutic exercises) and passive (tension, mobilization) manual therapies are applied. When the causes of pain are detected physiotherapist selects the most effective and suitable physiotherapy or exercises. The patient is trained to avoid movements that pain provoke.

Massage therapy

Massage (30 min)
20 EUR
The course of five 30 min. massages
90 EUR
Massage (60 min)
40 EUR
The course of five 60 min. massages
170 EUR

Additional Services

Medical records translation
18 EUR