Tadas Šerpetauskas

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Physical Therapist

Tadas Šerpetauskas

Every engineer knows the importance of the correct arrangement of structures and symmetrical stresses. They guarantee durability and longevity. Any deviation of the structure over time can be destructive.

These rules also apply to the human body. I am sure that purposeful and persistent exercise and soft tissue manipulations are some of the best medicines to make you feel comfortable in your body.

Tadas Šerpetauskas uses physical therapy in combination with manual therapy for:


Musculoskeletal pain;

Joints disorder;


Limb numbness;

Spinal nerve root compression (compression);

Headache and dizziness due to spinal problems;

Lumbar spine, chest, neck pain;

Intracranial nerve irritation;

Spinal movement pain.

Work activity

Since 2020 Physical Therapist at Clinic AGATAS;

2014 – 2020 Physical Therapist, manualist at “Your Family Clinic”;

Since 2014 Physical Therapist at Clinical Hospital of Kaunas;

2012-2014 Physical Therapist at Šiauliai Rehabilitation Center;


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2013 – Bachelor degree in Physical therapy, Šiauliai University, Lithuania

2012 – Applied Physical Culture Management (Master’s degree), Šiauliai University, Lithuania;

2011 – Special pedagogue (specialization – physical education, physiotherapy), Nyíregyháza College, Hungary;

2008 – Special pedagogue (specialization – physical culture, physiotherapy) (Bachelor’s degree), Šiauliai, Lithuania;