Eigirdas Špokauskas

Physical Therapist

Eigirdas Špokauskas

Physiotherapy gives me the opportunity to fulfill the desire to help people overcome pain. I believe that continuous improvement and the use of appropriate methods help maximize the potential of physiotherapy in combating pain. However, the relationship between the patient and the physiotherapist must be based primarily on trust. Careful, sincere care, patience and the ability to communicate clearly and sincerely is what lets me help a person who is suffering from pain. After all, it is a great challenge to entrust your pain to another. With the holistic approach, I pay attention to the entire human body striving to determine the true causes of the pain.
Physical therapy is my calling – not work. With every new patient it is a new journey to a life without pain!

Eigridas Špokauskas uses physiotherapy in combination with manual therapy for:


Musculoskeletal pain;

Joints disorder;


Limb numbness;

Spinal nerve root compression (compression);

Headache and dizziness due to spinal problems;

Lumbar spine, chest, neck pain;

Intracranial nerve irritation;

Spinal movement pain.

Work activity

Since 2018 September – Physical Therapist at Clinic AGATAS;

2015-2018 – Physiotherapist at the private clinic Neuromeda;

2014-2015 –  Physiotherapist at the wellness center Royal Spa Residence.

  • Report for the conference “Roots of Science 2013”, 2013
  • Report for the international conference “Science and education in globalization”, 2016.
  • Report for the conference ” Roots of Science 2018″, 2018.
Internships, training and conferences
  • Participation at the workshop “Mulligan Mobilization with Movement A and B”, 2014.
  • Participation at the workshop “Mulligan Mobilization with Movement C”, 2015.
  • Participation at the workshop “Lumbar Pain”, 2015.
  • Participation at the workshop “Examination of Chest and Spine and Physiotherapy”, 2015.
  • Participation at the conference “Integration of Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology into Clinical Practice”, 2015.
  • Participation at the Kinesiological Taping Workshop, 2015.
  • Participation at the conference “Exercise for Health and Rehabilitation”, 2015
  • Participation at the conference – “Spinal and Pelvic Problems and their Solutions”, 2016.
  • Participation at the practice of physiotherapists – “Kinesiology of the Joints: Examination, Evaluation and Treatment”, 2016.
  • Retained the international exam “Mulligan Mobilization with Movement”, 2016.
  • Participation at the workshop “Spinal Manual Therapy”, 2017.
  • Participation at the “Maitland Concept” workshop and the concept test passed, 2016 – 2017.
  • Participation at the seminar “The shoulder complex doesn’t have to be Complicated”, 2019.
  • Participation at the seminar “Maitland manual therapy”, level 2a, 2019.
  • Participation at the conference “Time to help yourself” and presentation made on the topic “Physical activity: is it possible”, 2019.