Benas Blauzdžiūnas

Benas Blauzdziunas, Clinic AGATAS, physical therapist
Physical Therapist

Benas Blauzdžiūnas

Movement is our natural activity, but when we neglect it or move inappropriately, we begin to feel bodily pain and discomfort. Medications and self-isolation are common solutions. However, this way, the body only weakens and the joy of life diminishes. My job as a physical therapist is to understand where such changes begin and to help me to correct them. It is up to you, the patient, not to lose willpower and persistence, the propulsion of all physical change and health. Our common task is to nurture a healthy and strong body every day with a smile and positivity.

Work Activity

Since 2019 – Physical Therapist at Clinic AGATAS;

Since 2019 Physical Therapist at “LTU U20 Women’s basketball national team”. Work with the national women’s basketball team in training camps and outing games;

2018-2019 Physical Therapist at handball team “HC Meshkov Brest”. Head physiotherapist on a handball team in Belarus playing in the top European league. Individual work with injured players, development and implementation of a physical training plan;

2017-2018 Physical Therapist at “Kineziterapijos klinika”. Work with individual clients and in groups. Consultations and therapy with patients with movement disabilities at home;

2017-2018 Physical Therapist at “Lithuanian Rugby Federation”. Work with the national rugby team in training camps and outing games.

Professional Skills

Mulligan’s manual therapy;

Maitland’s manual therapy;

Selective functional movement assessment (SFMA);

Developing a targeted treatment plan;

Athletic taping;

Kinesio taping.


Since 2019 Master’s degree studies, Rehabilitation Science at Lithuanian university of health science;

2013-2017 Bachelor’s degree, Rehabilitation Science, at Lithuanian university of health science.