Asta Mažeikaitė

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Pain Physician, Anaesthologist

Asta Mažeikaitė

Patients seek help, having lost the joy of life due to the constant pain. During the treatment, I see a smile appearing on the face, hear newly created life plans, feel an energy surge because a person can move again without pain. In those moments I understand how needed I am! Not without reason, Hippocrates said: “Pain Relief – Divine Work”.

Work activity

Since 2018 – Pain Physician at Clinic AGATAS;

Since 2016 September – Anaesthesiologist and Reanimatologist at Surgery clinic of Kaunas Christian Maternity (Clinic of Kaunas Republican Hospital);

2012 – 2016 – MD Assistant at Anesthesiology Clinic of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

Since 2011 December – Anesthesiologist and Reanimatologist at Anesthesiology Clinic of  the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital;

2010-2011 – MD Assistant at  Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit of Kaunas Clinical Hospital;

2006 – 2011 – Qualification of professional physician anaesthesiologist reanimatologist had been received at the Lithuanian University of Health. During this period, she worked as a MD Assistant at the Klaipėda University Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit.

Participation in projects

Coordinator of the project “Optimal Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy in the Perioperative Period in Oncogyncology”, funded by the European Commission and administered by the Education Exchange Support Foundation No. LLP-LdV-PLM-2013-LT-0935 (Sweden, Skane University Hospital, 2013);

Co-ordinator of the project “Contemporary Anesthetic Assistance in Obstetrics”, funded by the European Commission and administered by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation No. LLP-LdV-PLM-2012LT-0769 (Iceland, Reykjavik University Hospital, 2012);

2013-2014 a researcher at the international multi-center studio DEX-TRA-04.

Internships and trainings
  • Multidisciplinary pain management, Austria, 2017;
  • Skane University Hospital, Sweden, 2013;
  • Reykjavik University Hospital, Iceland, 2012.