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Chronic back pain is the result of a modern lifestyle. Sedentary work, lack of physical activity, obesity, irregular sitting, improperly performed movements, have a significant negative impact on human‘s health. Chronic back pain prevents you from enjoying a full life while working, resting, traveling. More often than not, continuous pain leads to psychological problems.

Nevertheless, it is a common belief that pain will pass by itself. However, in the long run, it only causes more problems for the sick person and the people around him or her. Professional medical interference with multidisciplinary approach can help overcome the illness before it becomes a real problem.


Clinic AGATAS is a clinic that specializes in chronic pain management and spinal surgery in Lithuania. Only professional pain physicians, spinal neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists work in this clinic. Each of them aims to help patients who are suffering from chronic back pain.

“The number of patients with chronic back pain has increased dramatically in recent years. The growing quantity of patients and complexity of pain management often become the cause of long waiting lists in various public health institutions. Usually, such patients wait up to six months until the first appointment with a specialist. Such a long period when the pain is felt every day, the psychological condition and stability of the person. The quality of active life and the ability to work is affected extremely negatively,” pain physician Asta Zavackiene describes the situation.


Meanwhile, private clinics have the ability to help the patient faster. Specialists have enough time for examination, symptoms discussion, and general examination of the patient’s well-being. Due to this reason, all possible causes of pain are evaluated properly. The person feels safe, calm, more relaxed, and better recognizes the sensations that are caused by the pain.

45 percent of people complain about chronic back pain. Unfortunately, strenuous lifestyle, ignorance of the problem, lack of knowing what kind of specialist should be contacted, myths about various successful and unsuccessful treatment methods confuse patient and he or she procrastinates visiting doctors. The average patient waits for 2 years before contacting a neurosurgeon, a pain physician or a neurologist to identify the causes of back pain.

Such a delay deepens the pain. The primary obstacle why people delay is a lack of knowledge about what kind of specialist should a person contact in case of chronic back pain. First of all, we advise consulting a pain physician. However, often, the patient does not know what to expect during a consultation with this doctor. Naturally, in such case, anxiety, delay, and self-convincing that the pain will pass by itself occur. However, it is worth to know that the longer procrastination lasts, the harder and more extensive the treatment becomes.


Modern medicine offers a variety of pain treatment methods – treatment with medications, invasive treatment, neurosurgical. The most important is to choose the most appropriate method that can eliminate or prevent the negative effects of pain.

Clinic AGATAS doctors explain that due to the reason that pain can be caused by complex causes, treatment usually requires several specialists. The consequences of experienced pain can affect both the physical and psychological condition of the human being, that‘s why a multidisciplinary treatment is necessary. It helps to better understand the real causes of the pain, its source, and apply the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Typically, patients expect the desired result after one consultation or treatment session. However, when it comes to non-specific chronic back pain, one visit is not enough. After all, the causes of chronic pain can be various. 

Also, a frequent patient who has chronic back pain is mistakenly convinced that only a neurosurgeon can help to reduce the pain. In fact, the best results are achieved when the patient is examined by several professionals. The neurosurgeon often does not rush a patient for surgical treatment after evaluating the clinical case. First of all, conservative methods such as treatment with medications or invasive treatment by a pain physician and physiotherapy are usually applied. Neurologist’s consultation or treatment may also be required. This Clinic AGATAS neurosurgeon’s holistic approach to the patient’s health and treatment encourages first to use all possible conservative treatments before the surgery. As a result, only 10% of all patients who consult with our neurosurgeons are prescribed surgical treatment. 

Neurosurgeon MD Ph.D. Bronius Špakauskas confirms that “although there are several spinal diseases for which surgery is necessary, many back problems can be cured without surgery. It all depends on each individual‘s medical case. For example, more than 90 percent of patients who have spinal hernia can be cured by conservative treatment methods such as physiotherapy or nerve root block, epidural injections and other treatments ”.


The essential thing for successful multidisciplinary treatment is a properly selected professional team. This helps quickly provide a comprehensive examination, evaluation, and a consortium of professionals to suggest the most appropriate treatment for the patient and provide the best service. It is essential that doctors have such qualities as experience, reputation, empathy, and respect for the patient.

“Pain can affect our emotions, and our emotions can affect our pain. For example, if we are angry, suffering from depression or anxiety, the feeling of pain becomes more irritating and stronger. Meanwhile, if we feel positive, we are happy, we can experience less pain and most often we can deal with it. It cannot be said that pain is just a feeling or a physical disability – it is a complex set of sensations that affect the whole body, both emotionally and physically, ”says pain physician A. Zavackiene.

Also, the results of chronic pain treatment are influenced not only by medical methods but also by other aspects – patient’s attitude, belief, psychological tension, support and empathy from others. Therefore, it is important to realize that treatment is teamwork of doctors, patients, and their relatives, requiring patience, inner strength, and trust in one another.


If the patient is suffering from non-specific chronic back pain, he or she is first directed to a pain physician at Clinic AGATAS. During this consultation, the doctor examines the patient’s back, his or her ability to sit, stand, walk and lift legs. Also, a doctor may ask a patient to evaluate the felt pain on a scale from 0 to 10 and discuss how the patient is able to function in a daily environment.

These evaluations help to identify the source of pain, how much and how the patient can move, until the moment when the pain requires an interruption of action or muscle spasms. During the initial consultation, your doctor may assess whether there are more serious causes of back pain.

Properly chosen pain treatment not only improves the well-being of the patient with chronic pain and speeds up recovery, but also increases the ability to work. Clinic AGATAS pain physicians and neurosurgeons specialize in chronic and acute back pain, spinal and spinal cord diseases, traumatic spinal and spinal cord injuries and spinal and spinal cord tumors. Consulting professionals is the first step toward effective pain treatment!