You don’t need to be old to know what the back pain is like.  Our lifestyle, low physical activity, sedentary work are the main causes of back pain. Young people usually experience pain due to bad posture, especially when working at a desk or a computer. Middle-aged and older people usually feel this pain due to degenerative diseases.

Sometimes back pain can be felt due to nerve root compression in the spinal canal. This condition can be caused by several causes, such as hernia of the spine. Diseases that cause musculoskeletal disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis can also cause nerve root compression. In rare cases, the formation of compression may be affected by epidural abnormalities, tumors, meningioma.

In some cases, medications are sufficient for treating nerve root compression, but the block injections to the nerve root are often more effective.


Nerve roots block is the injection of a mixture of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs near the nerve root under the control of a mobile X-ray with C-arc.

Nerve roots block injections are prescribed and carried out by a pain specialist who specializes in chronic pain invasive treatment methods. The decision to prescribe this block can be made only after a thorough examination of the patient, the history of the disease, the data of the medical tests (computed tomography or magnetic resonance) and the cause of the pain. After the nerve root block that has given positive results, a pain physician may offer to repeat the procedure. In all cases, the patient has the right to discuss the treatment with the pain physician and at the same time make the best decision together.


Nerve roots block injections are performed by a pain physician. The procedure is performed in sterile conditions and under the control of mobile X-ray with C-arc. During the procedure, the drugs selected by the doctor are injected with a needle. After removing the needle, the skin is cleaned, dried up and a sterile bandage is placed on. It can be removed after 12-24 hours.

Do not forget that after a nerve roots block it is necessary to rest for 1-2 hours. We do not recommend driving after the procedure, so we advise you to come to the clinic with an accompanying person who would help you. Also, do not heat the injection site in warm baths, showers, or saunas for at least one day.


People are all very different, so each patient experience a different level of discomfort during the nerve roots block injections. During the procedure, people sometimes complain of feeling burning or pain at the injection site. But all these sensations are reduced by using a local anesthetic at the site of the injection or if the patient wishes a procedure may be done in sedation (the patient is asleep).

The effect is felt after 1-3 days after the injection. A few days after the injection, the pain may become acute, a mild ache may be felt at the site of injection. It is recommended to apply a cold compress 3-4 times a day at the injection site. After the procedure, you will discuss further treatment with your doctor. It is individual for each patient.


One of the most common psychosomatic disorders is a pain, so pain relief only with medications is often not recommended. The patient can help oneself by moving and taking physical activity. Try to make your surroundings more enjoyable, even the smallest things that give you a sense of happiness can be helpful if you experience back pain. Do not set unrealistic goals and do not be disappointed because of the failure to achieve them quickly. Just try to relax, overcome stress, anxiety and bad mood. Bad thoughts have an unbelievably negative impact on pain. Sometimes it can be a long process, but don’t give up. Small steps towards better health will always pay off.

Keep in mind that while working on any physical work, you must constantly change the position of the body. While carrying heavy objects, keep your back straight and hold the object with both hands as close as possible to the waist. Do not hold the items at sides, better put them on the shoulder. While lifting objects from the ground, squat and then lift them, and before you lay them on the ground do the same. If your job is sedentary, you can always do a few simple exercises to help reduce fatigue, relieve back pain, and improve workability.

No less important are proper exercises that are set by physical therapist’s (incorrect exercises can even hurt you), massage (note that back pain may increase when it is done improperly), correct posture, seating, and footwear. Also, remember to sleep well.


In case of pain, you should consult a doctor who would evaluate the medical condition professionally and identify the cause of pain. Asta Zavackiene, a pain physician, anesthesiologist advises contacting a doctor immediately when the pain appears as in this way it is easier to treat all spinal diseases. If the disease is chronic, any medical help even surgery may not give the desired quick result.

If you feel pain, it is difficult for you to move, work, live, contact Clinic AGATAS specialists and we will help you to recover and live your life without pain!