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Many, who didn’t have the need to turn to physiotherapist usually wonder what happens during physiotherapy session? Physiotherapy is a treatment with motion. This treatment includes physical exercises, passive or active manual therapy. The main purpose of physiotherapy is to help restore healthy movement and function of movement.

When should I seek physical therapist’s attention?

It depends on how and where your body hurts. If the pain is acute, contact during the first week of pain. If the pain is mild and it only aches, you should turn to the specialist in a period of four weeks.

When is physiotherapy beneficial?

The greatest benefit is achieved when there are mutual agreement and cooperation between the patient and the physical therapist. Unfortunately, people often wait too long and turn to a physiotherapist when they already suffer from chronic pain. However, chronic pain treatment needs more effort and takes longer time.

How long does it take to treat a patient using physiotherapy?

The treatment period is very individual. If the patient listens to the instructions of the physiotherapist responsibly, the treatment is shorter. Also, the duration of treatment depends on the source and the origin of the pain. It must be noticed that the treatment of chronic pain takes longer time. There is no exact amount of physiotherapy sessions due to many factors that can help you to recover faster or vice versa – extend your treatment period.

What occurs during the physiotherapy session?

First of all, the specialist reviews all of the patient complaints and medical history to identify the cause of the pain. After that, the patient is being examined. During the examination the patient is monitored during active movements and various positions, trying to identify which of them provoke pain and which of them lessen it. Joints, muscles, nerves, motion control are also tested. Once the pain site is identified, a treatment is performed and after it, the patient is tested again. After this process, a treatment plan is developed and discussed with the patient.

How can physiotherapy help people who have sedentary jobs?

People who have sedentary jobs often complain of neck and waist pain. Untreated neck and waist pain often become acute, resulting in nerve root pain. A physical therapist can advise on how to sit properly at the workplace, when and how to change the sitting position, what exercises to take during breaks.

How can physiotherapy help people who face intense physical activity in their workplace?

A physical therapist can help even by training the patient. For example, how to lift objects properly or to show how the body position can be changed while working.

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