Do you still remember who you are, when you are not in pain?

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About us

Clinic Agatas - a home for pain treatment and spinal surgery that provides the highest level of medical services. With the most advanced treatment methods we are here to help you overcome your pain.


In Clinic Agatas you will be greeted by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, who provide exceptional quality pain treatment and spinal surgery services.


Our clinic provides advanced medical services and applies effective methods of pain treatment


I am very satisfied with the warm and professional service, detailed information about the disease, and the course and possibilities of its treatment. All thanks to the highly qualified staff.


I highly recommend doc. Deividas Stukas! A wonderful doctor of the younger generation!


Even the most hypercritical patient will not find anything wrong to say. Thanks to their entire team; these are the next generation of doctors who honestly care about each patient. Money is earned but health never is. My big wishes to doctor D. Stukas, A. Mažeikaitė, anesthesiologists and all the nurses.


I would like to thank the team of AGATAS clinic and doctors Asta Mažeikaitė, md. phd. Gediminas Banevičius and md. phd. Bronius Špakauskas for minimally invasive spinal surgery. These are wonderful, responsible doctors and well communicating specialists of their field. Thank you very much.


Deividas Stukas – nuostabus daktaras, ačiū jam už gyvenimą be skausmo.


After giving birth, I experienced back, neck pain and headaches. Many thanks to doctors Asta Mažeikaitė, physiotherapist Tadas Šerpetauskas and masseurs Vilmantė Rapkevičienė, who helped me overcome the pains that had plagued me for months.


Wonderful doctors. Helped my mother a lot in relieving the pain.


I would like to thank the staff of the AGATAS pain clinic and doctors Asta Mažeikaitė, md. phd. Bronius Špakauskas, md. phd. Gediminas Banevičius for their help and compassion. I felt sincere sympathy and received a helping hand from the support staff as well.

The staff of the AGATAS clinic were true professionals.

Thank you very much!


I faced a spinal injury and underwent a minor invasive surgery at the clinic. The next day I walked and I do it until today! I am very happy to have been rescued from the wheelchair.


Thank you on my own and especially on my Mom’s behalf, because her pain turned into a smile on her face. Thanks PhD. Asta Mažeikaitė, also administrators for their kind words, support and for giving me hope from the first time I called!!!

UAB „Agatas” klinikos kolektyve, skleiskit ypatingą šviesą žmonėms!!!



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